Runz Girl: Life of a hard working Nigerian


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First thing first, who is a Runz girl? Over the years, there has been a debate between runs girl and prostitutes. Some believe there is no difference between the two, while others believe them to be two totally different professions.

Now Runz girls are classified as high grade prostitutes. They do not stand on the road side waiting for action, they go for the action, They find men, and not just any kind of man, men that speak money. While prostitutes are regarded as well…ROADKILL

Her pictures are to die for, she can turn a saint into a sinner, her body off her body is exotic, and all men want to do is like essence that effervescence . She is not just a mere girl, she is a certified, hard working Runz Girl.

Let’s look at characteristics of a Runz girl;

  1. They are always in Night clubs: you can never see a Friday night pass most especially without seeing a Runz girl in a night club, from strip clubs to lounges. You name it, they are there. They do not stand on the road waiting to be picked up by strangers on the road, but they go to clubs to see the guys with the biggest wallets. There is a saying,” If hustling is the profession, and sex is the product, clubs are the market place”

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  1. They dress to impress: Now a typical prostitute can choose to dress shabby, but a Runz girl knows her worth, and knows what to wear to get the guy hooks. She knows she doesn’t just want any kind of man, so she speaks through her dressing, her flashy clothes speaks a thousand words, from the body hugging dresses that hugs her curves, to the jewels that shine a thousand light years away, you dare not turn a blind eye on her


  1. Little words speak the loudest: The Runz girl is not all for words, she saves her breath for the screams she intends to make in bed from the moans of the body wrenching sex. She speaks with her eyes and her mouth, she knows what she wants, short words, that’s all she needs to have you all to her self


  1. Rich Babe without a job: A Runz babe has to be the hardest working person you can find, she works her ass off, literally, so you dare not say she doesn’t work. And how does she show her diligence to her work? She SHOPS, shopping and Runz babes runs hand in hand, she spends the money she makes to the fullest.


  1. Social media Savvy: The queens of social media, they are term as “SLAY QUEENS”. You see their social media handles, and you want to be them, they are hot, sexy, trending, they are who you want to be, they are RUNZ GIRLS.


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  1. Nero says

    Runz girls are sweet for nackin

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