Russia Becomes First Country to Complete Human Trials for a Coronavirus Vaccine


Russia has completed clinical trials for a Coronavirus Vaccine on Humans which has proven effective according to news media from the country.

Chief Researcher and head of the Centre for Clinical Research on Medications at Sechenov University, Elena Smolyarchuk announced the development on Sunday saying the human trials have been completed and the human subjects will soon be discharged.

“The research has been completed and it proved that the vaccine is safe. The volunteers will be discharged on July 15 and July 20,” she said.

According to reports, Russia had 20 people volunteer for the injection the trials. After being given the shot, the volunteers were quarantined in the hospital for 28 days.

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The vaccine tests performed on volunteers showed that the drug was very effective against the virus.

Russia had allowed clinical trials for two forms of potential Coronavirus vaccine developed by the Gamaleya national research center for epidemiology and Microbiology on June 18.

The first form of vaccine trial in the form of a solution administered through intramuscular injection was carried out at the Burdenko Military hospital.

The second vaccine trial in powder form was carried out at the Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University.

The first phase involved 18 volunteers while the second phase involved 20.

Results of the test also showed that the volunteers developed some immunity to the virus.

According to the Russian Defence Ministry;

The data obtained by the Gamalei National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology, proves that volunteers of the first and second groups are forming an immune response after injections of the vaccine against the coronavirus.”

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