Russia Offers Iraq S-400 Missile System To Protect Their Airspace


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According to reports, Russia has offered Iraq their S-400 air defense system to protect their air space.

The Iraqi military may purchase the Russian S-400 system after it was offered to them to “ensure the country’s sovereignty and reliable protection of airspace.”

A member of the Public Council for the Russian Ministry of Defense said:

“Iraq is a partner of Russia in the field of military-technical cooperation, and the Russian Federation can supply the necessary funds to ensure the sovereignty of the country and reliable protection of airspace, including the supply of S-400 missiles and other components of the air defense system, such as Buk-M3, Tor -M2 “and so on,”

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However, a while back, Iraq was seriously considering  the possibility of acquiring the Russian air defense system; however, they reportedly backed off after pressure from the U.S.

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If Iraq were to acquire the S-400 system, however, they would be the second country in the Middle East to have this air defense equipment in their arsenal, and this will become an added advantage against US.


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