Sack looms for Pochettino as Tottenham lose again

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It was another hurrible showing for Mauricio Pochettino and Tottenham as they loose 3-0 away to Brighton.

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After the embarrassment in Europe the Tottenham fans and board was sure looking for a positive response from a team with they’ve heavily invested in.

Tottenham’s only real threat of the match came when striker Harry Kane dashed forward to catch a through pass which he expertly controlled, beat his marker with a little drop of the shoulder but he couldn’t finish as he blasted wide over the goal from inside the 18-yard.

Spurs’ goalkeeper Hugo Lloris sustained an injury when he tried to hold on to a goal bound cross rather than beat it over the crossbar. He caught the ball but in an attempt to control his landing lost the ball which Brighton’s striker kindly headed home from the touch line. However, it was a double defeat for the Frenchman as he didn’t manage a good landing but landed awkwardly which left him with a sprained wrist.

He was substituted for Paulo Gazzaniga but Tottenham’s reserve goalie soon conceded two.

Speaking at a press conference after the game, coach Mauricio Pochettino says he is worried about losing his job and explained that football can be difficult sometime but he is positive they can play out of this spell. He however, admits responsibility for the poor showing of the team since the inception of the season.

Football is [about being] strong and brave and taking decisions; and to show your face when things are not good,” added the Argentine, who took charge of Spurs in the summer of 2014.

“That is what we are going to do, face the negative things and try to work hard to change this dynamic. In my position I need to accept all the criticism. The same when you praise me or the team.

“I’m going to accept it in the same way and it’s not going to change my vision, from you or the pundit because you’re criticising me or describing a situation differently to what you expect.”


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