From ‘Sai Baba’ To ‘Bama So’, Borno residents boo President Buhari out of state


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President Buhari arrived Nigeria from Ethiopia and headed to Borno state to condole with the residents over the recent Boko Haram attack that led to the death of 30 persons.

However,  the residents who were fed up with the incessant killings in the state were quick to boo the President with chants of  “Bama so!” “Bamayi!”, which translates to “We don’t want; we’re not interested.”

This is a sharp contrast between the 2015 and 2019 chants of ‘Sai Baba’ after he won his first and second term elections.

The people who are growing tired of the inactions of the government to curb terrorism and banditry attacks on innocent citizens did not hesitate to boo President Buhari out of their state.

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The cloak is off. Now they’re demystifying the Sai baba myth.


Dear President @MBuhari,
Borno Gave you 97% Vote, You promised to protect our lives,
We are beginning to loose Hope.


To whom much is given, much is expected. PMB is a disappointment. From North to South, East and West, the story is the same. It’s better for him to resign in order to save face..!


This is the height of frustration and disappointment stemmed from failure on the part govt. But I think the governor is behind this…

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Dont blame our governor sir. He is trying as much as he can to protect the president’s image. But he cannot protect the obvious, unfortunately.


Borno people has finally Rejected Buhari.


Indeed a raw protest against the most nepotistic and narcissistic government in the history of Nigeria as Bishop M. Kuka said

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