Sala: Investigation reveals pilot wasn’t licensed for commercial flights


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Investigators have revealed that the pilot of the plane that crashed with Cardiff City striker Emiliano Sala on board did not have a licence for commercial flights.

The Air Accidents Investigation Branch gave the information that David Ibbotson held a private pilot’s licence.

According to the investigators, Ibbotson could only fly passengers in the EU on a cost-sharing basis, not for reward.

Cardiff City said it had “grave concerns” and questions over the validity of the pilot’s licence.

While investigators are still unravelling the arrangement Mr Ibbotson had with Sala, the  status of the 59-year-old’s licence at the time of the crash on January 21 will form part of the AAIB’s investigations.

The Argentine star was found in the wreckage of the Piper Malibu N264DB, which was found on the seabed 13 days after it vanished over the English Channel near Guernsey.

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