Same-sex marriage, Abortion legalized in Northern Ireland


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Northern Ireland Government has legalized same sex marriage, as well as abortion. This was legalized for the first time in Northern Ireland.

The U.K parliament approved the request to legalize same-sex marriage and extend abortion rights in Northern Ireland which went into effect at the stroke of midnight Tuesday.

Originally, it was against the law to marry the same sex, and it was also against the law to commit abortion.

Therefore no criminal charges will be filed against women who wish to have an abortion, or against healthcare workers who provide an abortion. And also, all pending investigations and criminal prosecutions relating to abortions would also be dropped.

But the final legal framework for abortion won’t go into effect until the end of March. As such, those seeking a surgical abortion still have to travel to other parts of the U.K. for the time being; the British government will cover travel expenses.

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Medical assistance will be provided for those who seek an abortion using pills. According to the BBC, once the regulations are implemented next year, medical abortions will be provided on two hospital sites in Northern Ireland.

The legislation also mandates that same-sex marriage regulations be put in place by Jan. 13. Because U.K. couples have to indicate they’re getting married at least 28 days before doing so, the first weddings are expected to be held in the week of Valentine’s Day.




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