Samsung Galaxy Fold Clamshell – a preview

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Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 dubbed Samsung Galaxy Fold Clamshell or Galaxy Fold Flip phone among some circles may be announced alongside the S-series sometime in February. Samsung usually announces its flagship Galaxy S range – which will be the S11 and S11+ – ahead of Mobile World Congress every year.

Recently a Samsung official hinted that the company had sold a million units of the Galaxy Fold despite a plethora of issues surrounding the next-gen mobile device although an unconfirmed report states that the company withdrew the statement claiming that the official was not privy to such information and therefore advised that his statement be disregarded.

Here we look at what’s to be expected of the Galaxy Fold Clamshell when it finally drops as no official launch date or price announced and we don’t know if the device will be available in every region.


Obviously the most defining characteristic about the Fold Clamshell is the Clamshell design which is basically like an old flip phone or a wallet. The Clamshell is not a design by choice but rather a feature necessity to combat the issue of screen cracks and breakage reported by early adopters of the Galaxy Fold.

Samsung has shown off this design in concept which has been codenamed SM-700 although unconfirmed and had reportedly filed a patent for this design.

Not much has been offered in terms of what Samsung’s next Fold would look like but if the image above is anything to go by then it looks pretty much like the first Fold aside the Fold across the middle. There’s also the noticeable heavy bezel which is inconsistent with the end to end experience we have come to be accustomed to from Samsung but it’s probably a design necessity to protect the side of the screen when in-fold.

The display itself is rumoured will be 6.7 inches and the folded screen will be a plastic-coated AMOLED display.

The exterior appears to be a glossy finish and there’s a small secondary display on the exterior – there’s no telling if there’s a bigger external display. From what we’ve seen so far, that might not be the case.

Processor, Memory and Storage:

In terms of processor, it is unconfirmed which processor Samsung will employ but it will be either Qualcomm or an Exynos SoC. Rumour’s that Samsung will position the Fold slightly lower than its flagship hence the fold may ship with Snapdragon 765 which will suggest that it may come 5G enabled.

It’s also been suggested that the future Galaxy Fold will ship with 256GB ROM.


The first thing to note from the leaked photos is that it will come with dual cameras on the exterior.  There’s been one rumour that suggested these would be the 108-megapixel sensor heading to the S11 as the main camera, with a second telephoto lens. It’s a bit of a step down from the first fold which cam packed with cameras inside-out.

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