Samsung Galaxy Fold launch date

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Samsung is set to release its eagerly anticipated Galaxy Fold  on Friday, Sept. 6.


The Galaxy Fold will be available on 6 September in South Korea, with a UK launch following on 18 September.

The phone will cost nearly $ 2000 (£ 1,634). The  Galaxy Fold was scheduled for release in July but early reviewers reported broken screens.

Samsung has been in a rush to release the first foldable phone ahead of strong competitors, Huawei.

The firm said in July it had made “improvements” to the device and planned for the phone to go on sale in September.


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The firm has seen sales tumble amid the China-US trade war.

Huawei became the second-largest smartphone seller in the world last year and plans to launch its folding smartphone in September.


Earlier this year, Chinese technology firm Xiaomi unveiled a prototype of a folding smartphone that transforms into a tablet..

The Galaxy Fold is being released in a small number of countries including South Korea, the US, the UK and Singapore.

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