Samsung Galaxy X To Have A Whooping $2,000 Price Tag


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The new Samsung ‘Galaxy X’ set to come out next year will be the world’s first smartphone to feature a folding display. It has the potential to change the smartphone world, however, the design is not the only thing changing the smartphone world as the price of this new phone could be almost $2,000.

The head of research at Golden Bridge Investment, Kim Jang-Yeol breaks the bad news stating the final price of the foldable phone will be approximately 2 million won ($1,850). Even if Samsung cuts the price for the US market there is no way the price will dip by much.

If you are ready to pay the outstanding sum word is that you will have a phone unlike any other.
The folding Galaxy will have a massive 7.3-inch OLED display which is reduced to just 4.5-inches when the display is folded. In addition, Samsung is expected to use “artificial muscle” technology in its components so they move in sync with the screen to protect them.

Prototypes will then be shown-off to mobile carriers at CES in January.

Park also has more information on the design, revealing “This new device is an interesting thing as it will have two inside panels and one outside panel with the two inside panels forming the 7.3-inch screen when the phone is unfolded.”

With Apple set to crank up the pressure on Samsung this year with three new iPhone X models and some massive price cuts, it looks like the Korean company has kept its powder dry in 2018 in order to come out all guns blazing in 2019…

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