Samuel L. Jackson Admits He Loves To Watch Himself on Screen


He’s known for his forthright sense of humour and lovable cockiness. So it’s no surprise to learn that Samuel L. Jackson is unapologetically his own biggest fan.

The veteran actor admitted that he loves to watch himself on screen during an appearance on The Project TV show with Quentin Tarantino and Kurt Russell to promote their new film The Hateful Eight

‘He is his favourite actor!’ joked Tarantino when one of the hosts asked Samuel if he likes to watch himself on screen. Samuel piped in: ‘That is why I love this business so much!’

He continued: ‘I actually get to do that. If I am at home I am channel surfing, I can’t find anything… I can go right to my search machine and go… Samuel L Jackson!’

The Hateful Eight is currently up for three Oscars, including Best Cinematography and Best Score, while Jennifer Jason Leigh is up for Best Supporting Actress.

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