SARS Slaps Man Repeatedly After Finding Nothing On Him


Rasheed Abolashe was driving along Ketu-Ojota road when members of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad slapped him on two different occasions. Rasheed was driving at a speed of 80km/h.

He had his Apple air pods on and was ordered to stop by what seemed like a ten-man squad of SARS operatives. After one of the officers cocked his gun, Rasheed was forced to stop for fear of his life. He was then ordered to park by the roadside, which he obliged.

The officers were fully dressed in their full regalia and he assumed they were in search for “new year money.” Rasheed was accused of being a fraudster by one of the officials without previous trial or conviction.

Rasheed in his defense said, “Sir, I stand to be corrected, I am not a fraudster.” His bold statement was countered by the accusing officer who promised him that after they were done with him, his ability to speak grammar would vanquish. He said, “by the time we finish searching you, you go stop all these your grammar.”

The interior of Rasheed’s car was searched thoroughly, every nook and cranny was scrutinized. After that, every file and document he had in the car was looked through. In an attempt to cry for help, Rasheed started screaming, he complained of them embarrassing and harassing him, but all fell to deaf ears.

No one went to his rescue. Nothing was found in his car, an officer then told him their boss, who wore mufti, wanted to search his phone. Rasheed hesitated, but after one slap to his face, he obliged their request.

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In a bit to persuade the officers to leave him alone, he told them he had his girlfriends’ nudes on his phone to which the boss responded: “that’s none of my business, we go look am together.” He unlocked his phone and the officer went through his emails, messages, alerts and when nothing implicating was found, he went through his Whats App messages. The officer searched for keywords like client, format and account. When nothing was found, Rasheed was given another slap and called “useless boy”

This incident is just one of the numerous daily SARS reports, the institution has become a nuisance to the citizens and society at large. Their notorious nature has earned them a disdain with members of society.

Rasheed was grateful to have left the spot with nothing more than two slaps to his name. he said, “I guess it was just my lucky day or they were just in a good mood”. He also called for the cancellation of the arm of the Nigerian police, claiming “those people are a menace to humanity.”

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