“SARS Operatives are Doing a Very Wonderful Job”-IGP


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The Inspector-General of Police, IGP Ibrahim Idris, has sparked controversies after his recent reaction to the call for ‘End of Special Anti-Robbery Squad’, SARS, on the social media.

IGP Idris while fielding questions from journalists on calls for the scrapping of SARS said the officers were doing a great job contrary to opinions online.

When asked about the Force’s solution to curb the bad experiences being shared online by Nigerians on activities of SARS operatives, Idris said “Social media is a technology available to those criminally minded and we have to be careful about how we respond to these clamouring. SARS is a unit of police that I believe is to be retained.

“We are ensuring they are properly trained and we are providing facilities for them to make work easier for them.

“SARS operatives are doing a very wonderful job.”



However, his statement did not go down well with some Nigerians as they criticised the police boss for categorizing those calling for the end of SARS on social media as ‘criminals’.

They also slammed him for commending SARS operatives despite complaints from Nigerians.

Here are some comments gathered online:

@Btclothiers “Imagine this from our IG “social media is a technology for those that are criminally minded” I shook my head in Latin; it’s a pity.”

@Adezillions “Social media is a technology available to people that are criminal minded. This is our police chief and you people say we have hope in this country. ”

@Cheerfulpost “So technology and social media is for criminal minded people? What a shame! We need to eradicate the era of illiterate in high positions in Nigeria. That’s the only way we can grow. This man has no idea of what he is talking about. How can we grow with this type of mentality?

@Missbubnlebeefly “I’ve never seen so many stupid and insensitive people ruling a country only Nigeria.”

@Ashidapo “These top officers get returns from these SARS guys/units! I’ve been saying this and I’ll keep saying it. Nobody shuts down a yielding investment, willingly. That’s why they’ll keep acting like nothing dey go on, they know say e dey go on, Stupid people!

@Elvixto “This man and Buhari are in same justice league of cluelessly minded people.”

@Profitableson “this man is fucking dumb upstairs. Technology is to those who are criminally minded. You make you of microphones and TV coverage and not a town crier, you pass information across through Twitter and FB, and you’re saying criminally minded? Nigeria is in debt.”

@Jesseking7 “Which stupid wonderful job are they doing, they go on about harassing people, invading one’s privacy, looking for error where there is none. Don’t get me angry by saying that trash.”

@Kingtemmy “Did I hear him say social media is available for only those that are criminally minded? Nigeria can never be better again.”

@Turbanoria “I would have been surprised if he says otherwise. A mango tree can bear an Apple !!

@Lamba01 “So literally everyone on Social Media are all criminals..Nigeria my Country, I’m ashamed this stupid IG of Police answer to one of my names.”

@Foxxykenz ” Social media available to those that are criminally minded? No, he didn’t say that! This transmission IGP is just shameless, to say the least.”

@Jeruskii009 “He has empowered them to continue their violence.”

@Ticng “Did I hear him say that social media is a technology that’s available to those that are criminally minded? Oga IG I am a respectful citizen of this nation whose business growth has reflected so much do that social media helped build several brands that I have worked with. It’s unfortunate hearing this from the highest ranking officer in the police force.!!

@S.circuit “But it’s this Same Social Media APC used to heavily campaign and sway Nigerians during the last elections. Is it safe to assume they are all criminal minded as well?

@Ubaoil “Social media is a technology that is available for those that are criminal minded, so to say that most Nigerians on social media are criminals and he those not see anything wrong with the harassment and killings, this country call Nigeria which way?

@Udiannaclothing “This Buhari’s administration is really against Social media and I wonder why I guess it’s because people are more aware of what’s going on in the country and they don’t like that. The same social media the used to fight GEJ, suddenly social media is bad, I won’t be surprised if they ban social media.”

@Sodey17 “he transmission officer talking his usual mess. He should be apologising for all the confusion and hurt they have caused.”

@Buildersandthings “‘Social media is for criminally minded people’ Mindset of a typical elderly Nigerian. This is the type of parent that will abuse his kids and call it discipline. Oga it is a platform for you to hear the voices of Nigerians especially the grassroots. God help us!

Nigerians are definitely disappointed with the statement of the IGP, knowing how these SARS officials have been a complete nuisance to the society.

With the incessant harassment of innocent citizens caused by the group, especially in Lagos state, the reactions of Nigerians are obviously justified.

As regards to this development, I envisage more rampage. More Nigerians are going to protest against this. For this has definitely become a battle between the IGP/SARS VS the citizens of Nigeria.


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