Satguru Maharaji urges NASS to enact law establishing state police


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The `Living Perfect Master’, Satguru Maharaj Ji, has urged the National Assembly to enact a law establishing state police to curb spate of killings in the country.

Addressing a news conference on Monday at his Iju Ishaga Temple in Lagos, Maharaj Ji said the establishment of state police would ensure social cohesion, respect, dignity, trust, love and cooperation in the country.

According to him, the urgent need for the state police cannot be overemphasized in a country known as the giant of Africa, but bedeviled with all kinds of self-induced vicissitude, like banditry, kidnapping and insecurity.

“We have manpower, the resources and the machinery for dealing with the insurgents that is militating against our trust, love and cooperation between each other.

“We have a good police force ranked as about the best in the world, but it is underfunded hence their incapacitation, disabling our very vital part of our economy.

“We have seen where policemen in service are not well dressed, wearing knockabout shoes, torn dresses, old caps with national ark almost torn halfway.

“In our days as kids, policemen only carried batons, dress neatly in khaki shorts with nice haircuts and appeared courteously and command respect because they were known by local chiefs and kings,’’ he said.

Maharaj Ji said that the service of the Nigeria Police was to protect lives and properties adding that the citizens cannot sit idle and watch how young men and women were killed daily.

“Some people are afraid that if the state police is created, they can be used to against certain people in the society; it is utter nonsense, mischievous and unacceptable.

“It will become the basis for our existence not only to prevent crimes and other disasters which stem out of abuse, it will create enabling condition for progress and stability

“We have well educated lawyers who will be ready to draft the laws that will make sure that nobody would use the state police to de-stabilise the polity for personal, tribal, ethnic or religious interest and go free.

“The Obas, Kings, Emirs and Chiefs of our land will become intermediaries in our peacemaking efforts.

The Living Perfect Master urged the incoming 9th Assembly to make history by uniting Nigerians in love, peace and harmony in order to translate the efforts and struggles of our founding fathers into practice.

“Let us realise that we have no other place to go, to live and develop except this great nation, Nigeria. Let us live peacefully so that our problems like illness, poverty, and insecurity will disappear,’’ Maharaj ji said. (NAN)

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