‘Scrap Bride price, Women are not properties’ – Actress Toni Tones


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Toni Tones, Nollywood actress has called for abolition to the bride price culture in Nigerian weddings.

It is common knowledge that the parents of the bride demand a certain amount of money as bride price to the intending husband and in-laws.

However, Toni Tones said this tradition should be scrapped as a woman is not a property to be bought or owned by any man.

The AMVCA award nominee tweeted;

Scrap bride price culture. Women are not property to be and sold.

This has attracted criticisms from online users who feel slighted that Toni Tones wants to impose western culture on Nigerians

Here are some comments culled from Instagram, Twitter and Linda Ikeji Blog.


Many people (villages) in Igbo land have different understanding of what bride price represents.

According to my people, bride price is not the value of a woman paid in sum, but an allegiance of unity, signifying oneness of both families. My Dad collect N10 as bride price.


Tell your family to scrap your own.

Speak for urself abeg my husband must pay
Best Life on LIB

It is culture lol. In India, the women pay the groom price; basically marrying the man. I don’t think the men feel like they are properties. It is only when you marry the wrong man or have had failed/horrible marriage(s), that such now becomes a problem.

Anonymous on LIB

The way things are going in the country at the moment with women being stood up for is just sweeting her. 😊.. she is just talking rubbish from excitement

That is Tradition…Before we were born it has been there.

Bride price or no bride price, not every lady will get married.



No ma, it cannot be scraped it’s our heritage. Understand that it’s not a huge sum of cash exchanged for a woman in form of a trade , but a token. As low as N10 in some cases to show acceptance of the suitors interest. The fathers usually state “ I’m not selling my daughter”.

Anonymous on LIB

Bride price does not mean the women is the man’s ‘property’. It only represents that the man values what he is asking for. You pay a ‘price’ for anything of value. Most cultures these days accept only a token in this regards…madam, do some research before you yarn O!

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