(screenshots) : The Dapper Window Cleaner Abdulahi turns his back on his helpers


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A few weeks ago a story surfaced about a window washer in a suit named Abdulahi Olatoyan who just wanted to finish his education and start a business.

Just like Olajumoke, he became an overnight sensation on the Internet with even CNN carrying a news story about him.

He looked set to start a new chapter in his life, but it seems it has all gone wrong.

According to style doctor, Uche Nnaji who is Founder & Creative Director of OUCH Fashion and who had been working closely with Abdulahi, the ex-window washer has turned his back on them and gone back to the street to ‘hustle’.

It seems that Abdulahi wanted overnight success and even accused Nnaji of not helping him because he wasn’t Igbo.

You can read what Nnaji wrote and Abdulahi’s alleged accusation below.








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