See Shocking Transformation of This Harvard Woman to a Man (photos&Video)


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Korean Schuyler Bailar was born a woman but has since removed her boobs and has transitioned to a man.

He was on Ellen DeGeneres show this week to talk about his experience. He also shares photos of procedures he goes through in his journey to be a man on his IG page.

He is the first openly transgender NCAA D1 swimmer and he swims for Harvard swim team.

He described the transition from consistently winning as a woman to now merely keeping up as a man as “humbling.” Bailar also explained, “It has helped me develop something I was working on before which is learning to love swimming just for swimming.”

You can see images of his change below.










You can see his full interview with Ellen below




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  1. Aleem says

    This is disgusting. Should be burnt in fire for fck sake.

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