Seme border: Nigerian Traders in Ghana commend Buhari over improved services


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The Nigerian Union of Traders in Ghana has commended   President Muhammadu Buhari and his Beninoise counterpart, President Patrice Talon, for “the great work’’ done at Seme Border.

The union’s President, Chief Chukwuemeka Nnaji, who gave the commendation in Abuja on Wednesday, said that Seme Border “now wears a new face’’.

Nnaji said that activities at the border had assumed a new dimension with improved services by the security officers at the boundary.

He said that Nigerians travelling to Ghana now spend lesser time than it used to be, as the route was now devoid of intimidation and harassment.

According to Nnaji, with the new development, economic activities along the border will increase and that will positively affect the livelihood of Nigerians in Ghana.

“We travelled through Seme Border during the festive period and we were surprised at the many changes that had occurred there.

“Seme Border is now the fastest border in service delivery along Lagos to Accra, Ghana. We spent less than 10 minutes in border formalities, which used to be about an hour to two hours.

“I did not spend any money at the border this time by forceful means. I only renewed my travelling documents. Before now, we spend between N7, 000 and N10, 000.

“We are no longer harassed by officers, even the touts were all locked out of the border premises,” the president said.

He commended the professionalism of the Nigerian officers at the border, saying it had greatly improved.

“The officers were very professional this time. The automated entrance gates that are controlled by the Nigerian Immigration were amazing.

“The Seme border has been put in order and cannot be compared with others along this stretch of the ECOWAS borders.

“We are so happy that this is happening in Nigeria. With this new development, economic activities along the border will increase and that will positively affect the livelihood of our members.

He expressed concern over the attitude of customs officers along the route and called for decorum in their operations.

“The only worry we have is the presence of customs officers on our roads. Their activities are not the best, there is need for decorum,’’ the union president said.

Nnaji called on the Federal Government to rehabilitate the bad portion along Seme Border to Mile Two, which, he described, as a death trap.

“We urge our government to treat the issue of these roads with the urgency it requires.

“The road from the border to Mile Two is in a very bad state.

“As a matter of fact, the road is a death trap and should not be ignored,” Nnaji said. (NAN)

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