Senate Ambition: Why Akpabio’s Aides Beat Nation Correspondent Into Coma


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Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, making the holders of such power temporarily insane until the power is removed from them.

Yesterday in Uyo, Governor Akpabio, ruler of the oil rich Akwa Ibom State, was celebrating his 50th birthday with his counterparts including Rochas Okorochas, Imo Governor; Theodore Orji, Abia Governor; Idris Wada,Kogi; and Peter Obi, Anambra.

However not too far from where the libations were being poured and the merriment was being made, a correspondent for The Nation newspaper, Mr. Kazeem Ibrahim, was begging for his life as he was brutalized by several of Akpabio’s security aides. The aides did not stop beating him until he collapsed.

Kazeem had full authority to cover the event as he had been invited by the media adviser to Governor Akpabio. It appears more than likely that the instruction to beat the journalist must have come from above.

Perhaps Governor Akpabio is not pleased that the Nation publication leaked his intention to run for the Senate in 2015 as soon as his tenure as governor expires.

The governor is desperately seeking to retain his immunity covering at all costs, as undoubtedly there are more than a few allegations of corruption that will embattle him as soon as he loses the power of the Governorship seat.

Where do all Nigerian governors run after their tenure has expired? The Senate! This is in order to enjoy immunity and do little to no administrative work whilst simultaneously earning hundreds of millions of Naira to top up their loot.


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