Senator Joins Long Queues As Nevada Legalizes Weed


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Nevada has become the fifth state in the United States to legalize a banned substance, marijuana.

The legalization of the substance kicked in on Saturday after voters had in November voted for the legalization of the substance.

Marijuana in Nevada is legalized for recreational purposes and is expected to open one of the fastest growing markets in the state especially as millions of tourists vist Las Vegas.

People in the state began purchasing the substance shortly after midnight on Saturday with a senator, Tick Segerblom, a proponent of the marijuana legalization in the state being the first to purchase the substance at the Source dispensary in Las Vegas.

The stores selling the products have reportedly witnessed queues of over hundred persons waiting in line to make purchased of marijuana.

It will however be available to persons over the age of 21 alone and will be sold only upon confirmation of age through ID cards.

A valid over 21 ID card can buy up to 1oz of marijuana although people can only use the drug in a private home.

The state continues to frown at public smoking and offenders will face a $600 fine.

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