Serena Williams is expecting a baby girl

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Former world number one, Serena Williams is expecting a baby girl according to her sister, Venus who made it known during a short interview with Eurosport. saying: ‘I want to be known as the

According to her, ‘I want to be known as the favourite aunt’ at the French Open in Stade Roland-Garros, Paris, France.

Venus was asked about the baby in the interview on Wednesday, where she referred to the baby as ‘she’ and said she wanted the baby to be named after her, according to Dailymail.

Serena announced she is expecting her first child back in April. She also said she still did not know the gender of her baby.

Talking at the Met Gala on May 1, she said: ‘We’re waiting. It’s a surprise. We call it “baby,”‘ she said.

Serena recently revealed she had actually accidentally announced her pregnancy.

The star confessed the Snapchat which revealed she was 20 weeks along was sent by mistake.

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