Five Common Behaviors That Can Ruin Your Sleep And Affect Your Health


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A good mental well-being is associated with having a good night rest and staying healthy. There are several behaviours that can affect our sleep.

It is always advisable to plan your evenings so as to be able to fall asleep the right way. If you are disorganised in the evenings you can end up having a stressful sleep.

When the body is not relaxed, the body may slightly be affected as sometimes we wake up weak, with headaches or fever, tiredness, and lots more.

Here are top five things to avoid before going to sleep:


1. Avoid using any type of technology: A growing body of research suggests that starring at the blue and white light emitted from digital screens prevents your brain from releasing the hormone melatonin, which let’s your body know when it’s time to go to bed.


2. Don’t take sleeping pills except when prescribed: Unless you are suffering from insomnia, don’t take sleeping bills because it affects the health. The medication comes with a host of side effects that can lead to muscle aches and memory loss. They also have fuller additives which may worsen sleeping problems.


3. Stop late night alcohol: Alcohol helps one to fall asleep, but research also suggests that it can make it harder to stay asleep. As your body starts to metabolize the alcohol during the second half of the night, you may start to get restless. Some studies show that drinking before bed time suppresses rapid eye movement during sleep in particular, which is important  for memory, and concentration.


4. Avoid working in bed or anywhere near the bedroom: While most people have a lot of work to do, it is wrong to work on the bed. Experts have advised reserving the bedroom for sleep and sex exclusively, otherwise you may find it hard falling asleep.


5. Don’t consume caffeine after 5pm: One study found out that consuming 400 milligrams of caffeine even six hours before bedtime disrupts sleep. Specifically, those who consumed a caffeine pill six hours before bed slept when they didn’t consume caffeine.

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