“I’ve had sex with over 25 men”: 18-year-old cries out


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The Issue of love has been a problem for most teenagers. Majority of the time, teens tend to mix love with lust. This can be said for an American teen who took to social media to share her story, of how she became addicted to sex.

Sarah is the typical all American girl with the American Dream. All she wants to do is go through High school as one of the most popular girls, with the hottest boyfriend , and the dopest clique. End up at an Ivy League college and land a six figure paying job.

But Sarah faces a challenge. At only 18, she has had sex with over 25 guys!..There goes the all American Dream.

Sex was a drug for the young teen, she could not go a day without having sex at least twice.

Sarah is a beautiful , young, smart teenage girl, with an amazing body, the teenager lives with her mom in Massachusetts, while her dad is based over seas  due to the nature of his job.

When Sarah hit puberty, that was when all the unwanted attention from men started coming, she would walk by and men would stop to stare at her, at first, it was uncomfortable, but overtime, she began enjoying the attention.

Sarah lost her virginity at the age of thirteen. At the age of fourteen , she had already slept with 7 guys. She believed sex was the way to show love.

She wrote: “ I am only 19, but I’ve had sex with over 25 guys, I grew up in a household where love and affection wasn’t a thing, my dad was hardly around and my mum always drank.

”All I wanted to do was graduate from high school and run away, never to return. When I hit puberty, I started getting attention from men way older than I was, it felt goo, then I came to the realization that love can only be shown through sex. They would shower me with gifts and tell me they loved me. I became popular in school, always had the nicest outfit, with the nicest things. I felt on top of the world.

“At 16, I had slept with over 15 men. I used my body as a tool to get what ever I wanted. I used sex toys. Older men would come to me, saying they love to me and they want to have sex with me, but I was too naive to know that wasn’t love.

“At a point, I couldn’t go without having sex for a whole day, at least twice a day. At this point, I realized I had become a sex addict. I was addicted to sex and it was the only thing that made me feel happy. The adrenaline rush from the orgasms where like a drug for me. Funny how I never got pregnant, At a point, I thought I was sterile, cause there where times I wouldn’t use protection, but still nothing.
I was a lustful teen, all I needed was sex to fill the void I had inside.

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“All I ever wanted was to be popular, to be loved, to be accepted, to be rich. But I did not know the path which I was on, was a path of destruction.

”I guess why I’m writing this now is because I am almost 19, and I still haven’t experienced true love, don’t feel sorry for me, I know what I am doing is wrong, but I just enjoy it. I guess what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.”


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