Sex for money: Actress, Hustle magazine cover girl, Chelsea Obiakalusi makes confession


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Budding Nollywood actress, Chelsea Obiakalusi who recently got featured on the front cover of popular Lifestyle Magazine, Hustle, shared her view on modern-day relationships and the sudden bilateral trade of sex for money.

According to the beautiful thespian, “Society has set a lot of standards for how relationships should be these days. If sex is not involved, then what exactly are you looking for? If he’s not paying my bills, why am I here?”

Explaining further, Chelsea added that most relationships today are arranged in a format configured for ‘money and sex’.

Chelsea Obiakalusi

“A lot of relationships these days are based on money and sex, take away these two from the equation and what we have is what a lot of people are refusing to call it ‘Prostitution in Disguise’.

“There are a lot of men out there willing to pay for these services, why not go ahead, why label it with the terms of boyfriend and girlfriend to extort. The men see it as their reward, the women see the money as their right. Baby girl, if he has to buy certain gifts to quantify how you satisfy him in bed, you’re a classified call girl and that’s that.”

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Chelsea gave an encouraging note on how to build a successful relationship, stressing that the bond between men and women should be held sacred.

She recalled her past and how it helped her set certain standards and values that has shaped her relationships today.

“Growing up my mother always said that there would always be men and there would always be women, each one more handsome and more beautiful than the other. But you are permitted to have only one. If you’re not in a relationship to get married, what exactly are you looking for?”

Chelsea Obiakalusi

“See baby girl, if you have to sleep with him to secure him, then just walk away. You deserve to be wined and dined. You deserve dates. Not one or two but ten, twenty. You deserve flowers, chocolates. Let him woo you.

“And men you deserve to be loved, don’t settle for a woman that will just be billing you because she’s good in bed. You’re a king to, and you should be treated as one.”

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