Sex-For-Rides: Ladies Allegedly Settling Uber/Taxify Bills With Clitocurrency


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Fresh reports have emerged on how Nigerian ladies allegedly offer to have sexual intercourse with drivers in exchange for free Uber and Taxify rides. Nigerians have termed it “Clitocurrency.”

According to Twitter user with username @Biisi96 who made the allegations, said a lady even paid her rent with proceeds of sexual encounters with Uber and Taxify riders.

Women are offering sex for taxify rides in Abuja. Someone used sex to pay for her house rent if 1.3 Million naira in Lagos. Father blow the trumpet, I think we are ready.

Dude said before you say jack, they’ve stripped. Abeg sir, I don’t have money, do you want to touch breast?

Other Internet users have shared their experience corroborating @Biisi96 ‘s tweet


What!! you mean sex for 1.3milli Gawd and my Husband has been getting it for free in different styles oh am charging Him from next session. I need money too


Driver:”Hello Madame, is it a Cash or Card trip?”

Passenger: “Nyash, please.”


Taxify driver : Your Fare is 2500 Naira Her : Please convert it to clitocurrency for me


This happens a lot in Lagos, its night taxi drivers that experience it, and mostly by prostitutes who’ve not made a sale till day break.


This is an insult to men: Why do these people think men are some kinda cheap sluts who would do anything for sex? Offering sex for a ride is sexual abuse. When will the society begin to hold ladies responsible for such actions, when?


Instead of taxify driver to say “thanks for riding with me” na “thanks for riding me” Nonsense

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“Clitocurrency” has taken over the market. God save ur people


Currency that is certified to leave u satisfied


You can use your assocurrency too boo. Don’t be jealous


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