Why Are We Sexualising Our Children? – Kanayo O. Kanayo Cries Out


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Veteran Nollywood actor, Kanayo O. Kanayo has expressed his dissatisfaction at the show of indecency which seems to be the order of the day in modern society.

The actor further expressed his worry over the manner of appearance of children in public and the nonchalant attitude of parents towards it.

In a series of tweets, the actor through his handle, @KanayoOKanayo wrote:

– “Why does a 4, 6, 10-year-old girl have to look like a CHIC? Look hot or sexy? Did your parents raise you like that?The girls especially in bum shorts, long weaves, halter necks, cut-off jeans. Parties these days are more of night club for the kids.

– “The ones who dance like actual children are shoved off the floor, while the lewd ones are cheered on.It’s our responsibility to explain to kids the sense/concept of decency. Why are we sexualising our kids?If your child wears bum shorts, many rings, sagging pants, it will be too late to correct when the negatives set in.

– “Train up a child in the way…(YES!) Please use your tongue to count your teeth.”

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