Shaving Your Pubic Hair May Be The Source Of Your Vagina Problems- Gunter


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Shaving or Waxing Your Pubic Hair May Be The Source Of Your Vagina Problems, including reduced sexual pleasure

Dr Gunter


Dr Jen Gunter, gynecologist and the author of The Vagina Bible, has said that shaving or waxing of the vagina can lead to reduced sexual pleasure and infections as a result of“microscopic trauma”.

In a publication by Vanguard news on Saturday, study and research have concluded that pubic hair is necessary to protect the skin by acting as a barrier against germs.

Dr Gunter also disclosed that shaving of the pubic hair may result in reduced sexual pleasure as each strand of the pubic hair is connected to nerve endings that enhance arousal.

While analysing the possible reasons why women remove their pubic hair, 3,300 women were questioned in a study by scientists from the University of California,

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It was discovered that 83.8% claimed to wax, shave or epilate their pubic hair, while 16.2% leave it intact.

“You are causing microscopic trauma to the skin,” Dr Gunter told the BBC.

She said;

“Pubic hair has a function, it is probably a mechanical barrier and protection for the skin,”

“It may also have a role in sexual functioning because each pubic hair is attached to a nerve ending, that’s why it hurts to remove it.”


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