“She told me my penis was too small”- Man explains why he killed his lover


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An Iraqi man has killed his lover after stabbing her multiple times because she ridiculed his manhood and disrespected him on many occasions.

According to Mirror Uk, the Man, Daban K, had used the woman’s flat as his cover after he refused to yield to a deportation order. Sine, then, had been living with the deceased.

She is said to have provided him shelter and continuously kept him from being deported by the Austrian Government Authorities.

Following the incident, Daban has now been arrested and charged with murder.

While confessing to the police, he stated that he had been in an argument with his lover but she began to insult him, calling him names and went as far as saying that his penis was too small.

“She told me my penis was too small”- Man explains why he killed his lover

He further explained that the woman was also not faithful to him, and when he became enraged about her insults, he attacked her.

Daban is said to have stabbed his lover four times around her neck, causing her to lose too much blood and died afterward.

When he was interrogated by a psychiatrist, Sigrun Rossmanith, the forty-years-old illegal immigrant said, “She was a very good woman to me, but she repeatedly insulted me.

“She cheated on me three times with other men and did not want to have sex with me anymore. One day she told me that my penis was too small.”

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