“She wanted me”- private teacher insists after defiling underage girl


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One Charles Munroe has been arrested by Lagos state police officers for allegedly having sexual intercourse with a secondary school girl whom he had been teaching privately.

Charles has since confessed to the crime, even though he insisted that he did not force it on the girl. Instead, she lured him into doing it.

According to City Round, Charles began to work as the young girl’s lesson teacher back in August, last year at their house in Ajangbadi, Lagos.

However, he allegedly visited the girl in her school in January, after which he urged her to come with him to his house as he had some things to show her there.

When they got to his apartment, Charles reportedly had intercourse with her without her consent and told her to not speak of it to anyone, else, he would have her killed.

Charles repeated the act one month after then and when the mother observed how she nervous she became as a result of the incident, she got her to confess what had been happening between them.

The victim’s mother later reported to the police and had Charles arrested.

“She wanted me”- private teacher insists after defiling underage girl

While narrating what transpired between them, the young girl said, “Mr. Munroe teaches my mum’s friend’s children. Through my mum’s friend, she started giving me private lessons in August 2018. In January this year, he visited me in the school and asked me if I had a boyfriend. I told him I did not have. He came the second time and told me he wanted to be my boyfriend. I told him I was not interested.

“On January 16, he came to my school again and asked me to follow him home to see something. Being my lesson teacher, I agreed to follow him. I never thought he could think of having sex with me. I wanted to shout, but he covered my mouth. When he was done, he threatened to kill me if I told my parents about it. I was scared and didn’t tell them.

“On the second occasion, he came to my school and told me that there was a textbook he wanted me to read. He took me to a place and asked me to remove my clothes. When I refused, he forcefully had sex with me.”

However, Charles maintained that he never forced her. While narrating his side of the story, he said, “I am a graduate and I have been teaching for some years now. I was engaged to give private lessons to the girl at home. We both became close in the process and she shared her burdens with me. In all honesty, she told me she was 15 years old.  On February 19, she visited me as she normally did. She had wanted me to be with her even when I resisted.

“At a point, my refusal caused a serious disagreement between us. I succumbed to her advances to let peace reign. We had sex based on her consent. I never knew before now that she was still a child under the law and was not capable of giving consent. The first one took place in my house. I asked her several times if she had a boyfriend just to discourage her from being close to me.”

The case has been charged to court and the suspect has been remanded in the Kirikiri prisons.

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