Sheikh Gumi under attack for urging govt to fight “bad” bandits with “good” ones


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Popular Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi’s suggestion to government to make use of “good” bandits to fight the “bad” ones has generated a barrage of criticism.

Gumi explained that many of the bandits have made it clear they were willing to negotiate with the government.

“We are always trying to do our best, but you see, you need two hands to shake. You know these people (bandits) need engagements from the government itself.

“If you dialogue with them without the involvement of the government, it is a problem. Government needs to be proactive with them. We have a lot of them that are ready to fight the bad ones.

“Use the bad to fight the ugly, and use the good to fight the bad ones when you’re done with the ugly. Look at Boko Haram, who finished Shekau? Was it not the splinter group? So, it is easy.

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“All these agitations you see, if the government can do a splinter group and the splinter group is empowered, every man wants power and money, they will do your job.

“There are many ready to submit themselves. All the ones you see me meeting in the bush, they are all telling us, ‘we are ready’,” the controversial cleric said.

However, many Nigerians who took to Facebook to react kicked against Gumi’s suggestion, insisting that there must be no negotiations with bandits and other criminals.

Philip Balami Piyakizhu wrote, “Why not use the good to fight the bad and the ugly straight? Why empower the bad to fight the ugly before using the good. What happens when the bad becomes ugly after they might have finished with the ugly? Can the good be able to fight them then? Haba Dr Gumi, your submission is myopic and childish.”

Okoli Emma wrote, “Nothing good comes from evil; how about Nigerian soldiers? May Almighty God have mercy on you people.”

Peter Ebube Aliagu wrote, “Some people are really making money from our insecurity by offering to be negotiators and giving their ideas. God help Nigeria.”

Muhammad Ladan wrote, “Now the picture is clear. There is nothing like unknown gunmen again because they are working for the elites, religious leaders and politicians. God will surely disgrace them.”

Tochukwu S Onyeriri wrote, “That’s how they recruit criminals and Boko Haram members into the Nigerian military.”

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