Sheikh Gumi’s Response To Bishop Kukah’s Speech At Yakowa’s Funeral


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No Muslim should rejoice at the death of any person except if such a person has shown enmity to Islam and takes part in plots to undermine it.
But when Yakowa ascent to power, more than 500 innocent Muslims were massacred in cold blood in southern Kaduna, the area he came from. Many families were exterminated and many were expelled from their abode to this day.

Many are still refugees in camps and in other places, with little help from the federal, state governments and individuals. Worst still there was no remarkable reaction against theses atrocities from any notable Muslim individual or organization except of course the ‘supreme council for sharia’ headed by Dr. Ahmad Datti which documented all these atrocities (May Allah reward them abundantly) and personal contributions from many individuals that could not match the degree of the disaster. That was a case of genocide against poor innocent Muslims just because of the ascension of this man to power. Now I ask and I want answers.

What was the reaction of CAN to these atrocities?
What was the reaction of the bishop?
What was the reaction of the sultan of Sokoto?
What was the reaction of Gen. Bukhari?
What was the reaction of Sheikh Yusuf Sambo?
What was the reaction of Yakowa’s noisy SA Islamic religious affairs?
What are we witnessing as an Ummah, when thousands of Muslims are and were killed, maimed and displaced (today all Muslims in Tafawa Balewa are exiled and their properties confiscated) and yet, look at this blatant hypocrisy!

Some academic staffs of Kaduna University came to me complaining of the Christian VC and his policy of intentional marginalization and prejudice against the Muslims. These are academicians not riff raffs. And many other complaints that are natural when a minority accent to power.

Brothers and Sisters, to get me right, I am not questioning these people’s genuine concern of the death of their bosom friend and comrade. What I am questioning is the apathy when Muslims are killed by criminals and the sadness when Allah has done His justice.

May Allah preserve our faith and protect us all from all Evil.


He made those comments in response to the following speech made at ex-Governor Yakowa’s funeral by Bishop Kukah:
Bishop Kukah’s Speech At Governor Patrick Yakowa’s Funeral In Kaduna :

“ When I called Sultan on Sunday night (16th December), he had already arrived Kaduna for a meeting that we had scheduled to hold with him, Cardinal Onaiyekan and other religious leaders. I was the co-coordinator of the meeting. His voice was deep and solemn. I was the one trying to lift up his spirits as he spoke with heavy emotions about Mr. Yakowa’s demise. When he said he was returning to Sokoto the next day, I asked if I could fly with him in his private jet. Well, he said to me, if you can get your friend’s private jet, I will follow you. You know, he said to me, I have been so shaken, this is the first time I am finding something to make me laugh. His voice said it all. This is the leader of the Muslim community. When I spoke with General Buhari the same evening, he was similarly distraught and told me he had cancelled his 70th birthday celebration in honour of Mr. Yakowa. It is a sad day for all of us, and we must honour a great man, the General said. I felt relieved because I had accepted to be the Guest speaker at this event. This is the same man that his political enemies call a fanatic and a zealot. But there is even more. The Daily Trust newspaper reported on the day after his death that Sheikh Yusuf Sambo, the National Leader of the Izala movement, had announced an immediate cancellation of a meeting which thousands of his members had assembled to attend in Kaduna as a mark of honour to Governor Yakowa.

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