SHOCKING: Over 5000 Cases of Female Genital Mutilation, No Prosecutions- Report


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Female genital mutilation is seen by most people in the world as a barbaric act that should be left in the past, but it seems that it is still rampant in some areas.

In a new report, an anti-extremist group Quilliam claim that “5391 new cases of FGM were recorded in the UK […] Britain has failed to bring a single perpetrator of FGM to justice.”

The practise of female genital mutilation has been linked with many health risks and has also been shown to affect the standard of life of victims of this grave assault.

The report reads in part: “The fact that we’ve been collecting detailed FGM data for some years now and still haven’t seen a single case brought to justice is a shame and utter disservice to the thousands of young girls and women who have undergone this horrific practice. Dis-empowered survivors lack the resources, knowledge, and voice to bring charges on their perpetrators, which makes it our duty as civil society to push for a harder, more active stance on this issue, rather than the passive law currently in place. We already have the data to indicate which communities and boroughs are high-risk situations – there is no credible reason for us to be shying away from this issue.”

The full report can be found here

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