Shooter Kills Man Whilst Attempting To Test Bullet Proof Vest

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In a bizarre incident early on Sunday Houston police were called out to 300 W. 23rd and Rutland Street around 1:30 a.m. when a man wearing a bulletproof vest was shot by another man testing the vest.

Detective Mark Holbrook with Houston Police Department says, “One of the residents at the party puts on a bulletproof vest , and another male who has a gun winds up shooting him.”

Investigators say forensics tests will determine if the gunshot went through the vest or struck an uncovered area.

Houston police report after the shooter shot the guy with the bulletproof vest on, he then took off with another guy, leaving police unanswered questions.

Detective Holbrook adds, “We haven’t done any forensics yet to know if the bullet went through the vest, skipped it or missed the panel or something like that.”

Police believe about six to eight people were attending the party.

Houston Homicide Sgt. Mark Hollbrook says while it’s unusual for people to put on body armour and play with guns at a party, “these things happen sometimes.”

The name of the victim hasn’t been immediately disclosed. However a suspect Griffin was arrested Sunday while being treated at a local hospital for what police called “a medical issue.” He is still in custody at the hospital.

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