Singer Kehlani Discusses Her Sexuality After Coming Out As Lesbian


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American singer, Kehlani who has long identified as queer and bisexual has finally revealed that she is a lesbian via a video on tiktok.

The artist joked about coming out to her family as a lesbian. “We know, duh,” she says was her family’s reaction.

The news won’t come as much of a surprise to fans either. As a member and advocate of the LGBTQ community, Kehlani who goes by she/they pronouns, had comments about their sexuality previously, writing in a now-deleted tweet: “I felt gay always insisted there was still a line drawn as to which ‘label’ of human I was attracted when I really just be walking around thinking ERRYBODY FINE.”

In the April/May issue of The Advocate, the singer got real about her sexuality, gender and the privilege she says she has as a “straight-presenting” person.

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“I have a lot of privilege,” Kehlani says of the advantages she feels she has as a “cisgender-presenting, straight-presenting” person in a world and industry this is still very heteronormative.

Kehlani added: “I think a lot of artists who we talk about and say, ‘Oh, they had to come out or they had to do this,’ a lot of them can’t hide it. A lot of it is very [much] in how they present. It’s tougher for them. It’s tougher for trans artists. It’s tougher for Black gay men. It’s tougher for Black masculine gay women.”

Outside of the music industry, the singer says she’s learned the most from the women in her life, fans and transgender friends who are navigating the gender spectrum daily.

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