kitchen ingredients you can use to get flawless skin; Skincare tips


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Most people are quick to buy the latest and most exquisite skincare products available giving little or no consideration to the harmful side effects that these products have on our skin. A good number of these products contain toxic ingredients and chemicals. Not forgetting the fact that they make use of artificial coloring, stabilizers, and preservatives all of which can cause severe damage to our skin and overall health in the long run. Both beauty and health experts advise us to go natural when it comes to caring for our skin because of the numerous health benefits we can get from it. Who knew using natural products could save us great cost so much that we can make do with our everyday cooking ingredients. Put together below are amazing kitchen ingredients that work perfectly to give you the flawless and glowing skin you desire.

Combat breakouts with Turmeric

Turmeric spice, one of the commonly used kitchen ingredients and the major component in curry, has proven to be beneficial to the human body. The spice contains curcumin; a chemical component that has anti-inflammatory properties that check itching, swelling and also helps in clearing acne, breakouts, treating uneven skin tones and healing cracked feet. You can prepare a face mask from it by mixing with portions of honey but be sure to use the turmeric in little quantity because it leaves very messy stains.

Hydrate and moisturize using Aloe vera

Aloe vera, though not commonly used, is a medicinal, gel-like plant that contains auxin and gibberellin; both having healing and rejuvenating properties beneficial for both the skin and hair. These properties check skin inflammation, prevent hair loss, and reduce pimples or blemishes. Aloe vera can also be used effectively as a moisturizer for reducing dryness. For best use, apply topically.

Raw honey fades scars

When we talk about kitchen ingredients regularly used in place of refined sugar, honey is what comes to mind. This sweet, warm liquid contains live vitamins and enzymes that have anti-bacterial properties that have a collective purpose of clearing dark spots and fading body scars. Raw honey is also a rich source of antioxidants that help to prevent skin damage and make the skin stay soft and hydrated. Mix raw honey with lemon juice until even and apply it to the affected areas. We should take note that there is an emphasis on “raw” honey because processed honey might not be effective due to added or depleted chemicals.

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Curb oily, greasy face with Tomatoes

Most often than not, this savory kitchen ingredient is put to use. The acidic nature in tomatoes helps in reducing excessively oily skin, preventing skin cell damage, checking open pores, and cleaning greasy skin. Vitamin C present in tomato assists in clearing blackheads and soothing sunburn. Cut firm tomato into two equal halves and rub on skin.

Potatoes clear dark circles

Like most kitchen ingredients, this plant tuber gives us nourishment from consumption but potatoes also do well to care for our skin. They actively help in removing blemishes. When we cut small circles of potato and places on our eyes, they clear dark circles and soothe the eyes. Also due to the high starch content in potatoes, skin toning and tightening are made possible. To make into an effective face cleansing mask, we can blend potato with milk, lemon juice, and oats.

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