Sleek New Volkswagen Touareg To Be unveiled In March


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The new Volkswagen Touareg is to be unveiled in March with a revealing sketch showing the look of the car.

Although the sketch reveals much of the car’s look, its full styling, front and rear was shown in the most recent spy shots, which show the car in two different specs, with two different colour choices. The SUV appears to have grown in length from the current car, with a sloping roofline and clear inspiration drawn from the Arteon, horizontal chrome detailing across the front tying the two designs together. Full styling and details will be officially released on March 23.

A previously spotted model was largely covered, although it did have a light disguise over some of its details. It shows that the next-generation SUV will get a design influenced by its smaller sibling, the Tiguan, as well as the larger, US-focused Atlas.

The Touareg’s headlights are sharper and more angular than before, while the tail-lights, which were previously hidden by fake light covers but were fully visible for the promotional shoot, are also far slimmer than before.

Earlier sightings also suggest that the next Touareg’s interior will also be more premium than before, with higher-quality materials and a larger infotainment screen. This is intended to help it remain strong in the battle with the upcoming BMW X5 and the Volvo XC90.

The car’s look marks the push upmarket of Volkswagen’s larger cars, the Arteon in particular.

Powertrains for the Touareg will include a plug-in hybrid drivetrain, which will likely be related to the one that was used in last year’s Beijing motor show concept. That produced 381bhp and 516lb ft of torque, and could drive in full-electric mode for up to 50 miles. In its most economical mode, the concept was also said to be capable of more than 94mpg combined.

Below the hybrid drivetrain, more conventional turbocharged four-cylinder diesel and petrol units are likely to form the bulk of the Touareg’s engine line-up. Volkswagen remains tight-lipped on engine options ahead of the car’s official unveiling, though.

As is the case with the current car, all models will come with four-wheel drive as standard.
Being one of Volkswagen’s oldest models didn’t do the Touareg’s 2017 sales any favours – VW shifted just 3689 across the year, compared with 29,121 Tiguans. This is just 474 more than the Sharan, despite large SUVs all but devouring the MPV market.

Pricing is likely to stay close to that of the current car, so expect an entry-level figure of around £45,000 (N22.5 million). First customer deliveries are scheduled for April.


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