Snapchat Slay Queen Falls Victim Of Ritual Killing

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A 24-year-old Snapchat/Facebook slay queen has fallen victim to ritual killing according to report.

The lady popularly known as DC queen was reported to have been killed by suspected ritualists in Ghana.

She was reportedly killed at Dome Kwabenya on a night out which she earlier described as meant to “just Torch pub”.

Parts of her body which were cut off were discovered and friends of the deceased confirmed the gory incident on her social media page.

Some of her friends took to their social media page to pay tribute to her while others slammed her for her wayward acts.

A friend, Cleopatra Barbara Afya Akpablie, wrote: “Dc Queen was murdered by Ritual Killers those of you who lyk going to Jus Touch around Kwabenya better put an End to it ryt now cuz, she was found dead with her tongue & pussy Cut off Check first Comment fr d Video In tears now.”

She continued to lay allegations on a certain Samson El Michael as she added: “Samson El Michael or whatever I can see you guys re behind Dc Queen ‘s death how can yu comment a fake link under my post smh !!! yu want d Police to forget abt d actual killers lyk yu ryt ,,, siaaa wati yu don’t even av Profile pic,, no mutual frnds keep using gals fr rituals & continue hiding & covering up your crimes wid those Nigerian robbers as d killers of Lydia Osei Police go catch yu all In Jesus we Trust☝☝☝☝”

“We girls lyk rich guys nd so Hort ? If we were ur sisters nd those broke bois were ur frnds,, wud u have advised us to date them ?? Manna doesn’t fall again o bros ??‍♀️let them use us fr da rituals laidat we ain’t Complaining ??Rosemary forget dat Yakame Amenuwor boi Stupid old fool Menstrual Cycle boi ???????”

Another onf her friends added: “Dc Queen was murded by ritual killers “ this should serve a lesson to u Town Girls.”

Another, Mmg Mark Bama wrote: “Still on Wins & Losses MMGempire and we just Loosed our Dc Queen but in everything we give Thanks and Glory to the Most High for we shall win again Sorry Sissy”

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