Snoop Dogg Fires Back At Tekashi 6ix9ine For Calling Him A Police Informant


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Snoop Dogg has fired back at Tekashi 6ix9ine for claiming that he is secretly a police informant.

The clash of the two rappers began when Tekashi 6ix9ine shared a documentary where Suge Knight discussed how some gang members end up staying out of trouble by becoming informants for the police.

In the video, Suge called Snoop Dogg’s name. However, he didn’t clearly state that Snoop Dogg was a snitch.

However, it didn’t stop Tekashi 6ix9ine from calling the rapper out as a snitch via a post on his Instagram page.

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He wrote: “Should I just tell you guys what rappers snitched? Because they told me EVERYTHING When I started.”

Although he didn’t specifically name Snoop Dogg in the post, fans guessed he was talking about the rapper when Tekashi posted a message to Snoop Dogg saying, “Welcome to the family.”

Snopp Dogg wasted no time in defending himself by writing a post directed at Tekashi 6ix9ine.

He wrote: “N***** know I ain’t have nothing to do with surge knight getting time we had the same lawyers. This rat reaching calling me a snithc and FYI He most likely drew up the papers he do work with the police. Suge and me on great terms now so if I told on him we would never be cool and that’s a fact clown. Now carry on and stary tuned for the tattle tales move and record you lil *****.”

The exchange didn’t end there. Snoop then posted a since-deleted video warning 6ix9ine to back off.

Snoop Dogg said: “Last time you said something, I ain’t have time. But today, I got time,

“You better get the fuck off my line, n***a. Rat boy, you really better leave me alone. I ain’t the one. No way … Go on and do yo’ shit and get out my way, bitch. You funky dog-head, rainbow-head, dog-head bitch. Yeah, you. Better leave the Dogg alone. Go find you a cat. Tom and Jerry shit. Fuck with the Dogg, nothing nice, bitch. Rat boy.”

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