Social Media Censorship: Words Twitter Doesn’t want You to Use Anymore


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Social media platforms including twitter have been trying to censor what they call hate speech and misinformation on their platforms. Asides from censoring accounts and labeling tweets, Twitter has taken it a step further by censoring certain words it doesn’t want on its platform.

It has also censored accounts and views from right wing liberal elements and has concentrated much of its efforts on US President, Donald Trump and his supporters in recent times.

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This has prompted criticisms from Republicans who have accused the platform of attempting to stifle free speech and liberal ideas on social media.

Announcing the new step. The Engineering handle of twitter said the platform want users to move away from the words and use more inclusive terms in their engagement.

See the affected words and terms below;




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  1. David L Laidig says

    President Carter decided that mental illness was treatable on the street with voluntary medication. How’s that working out for us? Then we passed the HIPAA law so AIDS patients would not be discriminated against. The two events don’t mix well for mass shootings!

    Twitter will not post this. I have no idea why.

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