Some Samsung Galaxy Fold’s screens are breaking after few days of use


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Some users of Samsung’s first foldable phone, Galaxy Fold, are complaining of screen problems, just few days to the official launch of the unique smartphone.

A number of buyers of the  review units said the screens are breaking after just a few days of use.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gruman tweeted on Wednesday that the interior, folding screen of his Galaxy Fold review unit was “completely broken and unusable” after two days.

Gruman, however, added that the problem may have been caused in part by removing a layer of film.

Casey Newton has the same experience. He tweeted:

Dieter Bohn also said:

The Herald learnt that $1,980 phone has two screens: a 4.6-inch one on the exterior that looks like a typical smartphone screen, and a second, folding screen on the interior that opens up to create a 7.3-inch display. Samsung is leading other manufacturers including Huawei and Motorola to disrupt the smartphone market with foldable phones.

But a response from Samsung suggests that the damages are cause by the users who removed the screen layer.

Commenting on the outcry, Samsung says its phone “is manufactured with a special protective layer,” to cover the plastic Infinity Flex display. “It is not a screen protector – do not attempt to remove it.”

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