South Africa to register nationals in Nigeria


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The South African High Commissioner to Nigeria, Mr Lulu Mnguni, on Tuesday announced his government’s plan to commence the registration of all South Africans in Nigeria.

Mnguni told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that the initiative had become necessary due to the increasing number of South Africans working or doing business across Nigeria.

The High Commissioner said that the planned registration would assist his government in knowing the number of its nationals in Nigeria, as well as where they resided in the country.

“We are soon to commence the registration of all South Africans in different parts of Nigeria, because we currently have more and more South Africans coming to Nigeria.

“So, we feel that it is important that we know the number and addresses of South Africans investing, working or doing business in Nigeria.

“We also want to have a registration of South Africans in Nigeria, so that during emergencies, my High Commission can easily come to their assistance,’’ he said.

Mnguni also said that with the registration, it would become easier to extend electoral booths and materials to them when they want to participate in their country’s national elections from Nigeria.

The High Commissioner also said that such registration would assist his commission in controlling the influx of South Africans into Nigerian communities.

“I have seen that the number of South Africans coming to Nigeria has increased, to the extent that we can longer control this movement ourselves.

“This is a good development, but it is also important for us to know who and who that is in Nigeria from our country,’’ he said.

Mnguni appealed to South Africans to prepare their minds for the registration, which he said would also afford them the opportunity to interact with their brothers and sisters in Nigeria.

The Envoy, who also expressed satisfaction at the growing exchange of cultural values between both countries, said that many South Africans were now being married by Nigerians. (NAN)

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