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Specific Fruits and Vegetables can Aid Weight Loss – Study

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Researchers from Harvard University have discovered that consuming more fruits and vegetables can prevent long-term weight gain while specific types can add to or stop weight loss efforts.

Lead author Monica Bertoia from Harvard’s School of Public Health in the latest PLOS Medicine said “The benefits of increased consumption were greater for fruits than for vegetables and strongest for berries, apples/pears, tofu/soy, cauliflower, and cruciferous and green leafy vegetables.

“Increased satiety with fewer calories could be partly responsible for the beneficial effects of increasing fruit and vegetable intake.

“We found that many vegetables were inversely associated with weight change, but starchy vegetables such as peas, potatoes, and corn had the opposite association in which increased intake was associated with weight gain.”

The study also revealed that many of the fruits and vegetables that prevent weight gain also protect against heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and other chronic conditions.

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