Spicy Foods Are Healthier Than You Think


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How do you like your meals? Do you usually go for something sugary and soft, rich and salty or hot and spicy? I definitely love me some hot and spicy foods(haha, don’t say it’s because I’m Yoruba). As a matter of fact, I know a few people that would not partake in a meal unless it leaves that burning sensation in the mouth and make the eyes tear up.

Apart from the great feeling and taste that spice adds to a meal, science has made it known that spicy foods do contain several health benefits; an added celebration for those of us that love to spice up our foods.

If you do not like spicy foods or the heat that comes with it, here’s a few compelling reasons why you might want to reconsider.

  • They speed up metabolism

Research shows that spices like peppers, chilies, cinnamon, cumin and turmeric can increase the metabolic resting rate in a person and slow down appetite. Although of mild effect, spice in food does its little part in aiding weight loss.

  • They can fight cancer cells

An active component of chili, capsaicin, has been shown to slow down the activity of and destroy cancer cells.

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  • They effectively fight inflammation

In turmeric spice, a compound called curcumin is present. Curcumin has anti-inflammatory properties that assist in reducing inflammation in the body.

  • They make foods last longer

A comparison between spicy and non-spicy foods will show you that spice enables preservation and longevity in foods.

  • Spicy foods assist in killing bacteria

Some spices like turmeric and cumin are especially known for their powerful antimicrobial and antioxidant properties that help in fighting against harmful bacteria in our bodies.

  • Consuming spicy foods comes with a benefit of long life

Eating a spicy meal six to seven times a week, even once daily has been shown to reduce mortality rates among the population.

There you have it; stop avoiding spice from today!

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