Sports betting with football fans


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Football and other games are played almost on a daily basis in Europe and other parts of the world and most Nigerians place their bets on these games.

Before now, pool and lottery games were the popular gambling systems known to most Nigerians. But while the two processes can be regarded as the predecessor of gambling in Nigeria, there is a new system known widely as Sports Betting. Meanwhile technology has really made things easy for everyone, with our phones and laptops; we can easily transact business and earn good money.

Most of the football teams we watch, like Liverpool, Man United, Real Madrid, and Barcelona have really made sports betting very popular in most Nigerian cities, owing to the popularity of football in the country.

There are several interesting sports games like Basketball, Tennis, Baseball, Rugby, and of course, Football to choose from. Football matches of European leagues, especially the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, and Nigerian Premier League excites Nigerians more.

Most Nigerians are football fans and also love football with passion, most of the bettors bet on the total numbers of goals that will be scored in a match, forecast the outcome of a match, and the two clubs that will score, and they can even predict a draw. If they give you first half draw, then you don’t need to bother about the second half since they have drawn the first half. But if any of them wins, it means you have lost.

ILOT BET is a sport betting company that offers the best odds in Nigeria, with ILOT Bet you can always get your winnings directly into your bank account. There are lots of games available at ILOT Bet which you will never get tired of playing, like European roulette, Best Shooter and lots more. Also, on Lottery games like Quick 3, 5/90 and so.

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