Sprite’s New Bottle Triggers Mixed Reactions Among Nigerians


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The Coca-Cola Nigeria Company recently unveiled the new look for its Sprite Bottles and it could be said that not so many people are feeling this new look.

The Sprite bottles which were formerly green have now been switched to a crystal clear packaging plastic.

Sprite bottle
New Sprite Bottle

The unexpected transitioning was reportedly a part of the company’s “World Without Waste Initiative”, aimed at enabling a more effective collection and recycling of the equivalent of every single bottle that is sold by 2030 and achieving 50 percent of recycling of all its plastic packaging by the same year.

Sprite’s new look includes a clear, see-through bottle with a renewed Sprite brand icon and a bright green cover.

While many seem to welcome this new development, others shun it saying that a rebrand might be the most unnecessary thing Coca-Cola has ventured into.

Here are a few reactions from Twitter Users:

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@Yadichinma_ said, “There’s no need for this Sprite rebrand, I don’t need to see the transparent liquid aswear.”

@AdebomiObinaike said, “I prefer the see through bottle to be honest.”

@mxndxyluv said, “I went to Shoprite the other day and was looking for sprite. I passed this bottle like 3 times without knowing. I don’t like the bottle sha”

@the_anike said, “Sprite still hasn’t changed it’s very refreshing taste and the new bottle can be recycled as well unlike the green one”

@Ponco43855670 said, “This rebrand would definitely reduce sales.”

@eMeKavelli said, “They have a noble goal. The clear bottle is environmentally friendly because the plastic can easily be reused. If it was green it would mostly be useless.”

@CynthiaTheBrand said, “Our environment health matters to Sprite…I stan an eco-friendly brand. Making recycling easier with the same Sprite taste”

@IfyCynthetic said, “Looking like 2sure hand sanitizer.”

@pakay3 said, “No longer Sprite. This one is 7up wey dey disguise.”

@JennyBchristian, “I had to ask the salesman of the taste. Like is this soda water? Wrong packaging if you ask me”

@AishatOmolola2 said, “A customer rejected it today, upon all my marketing”

Well, there you have it. What about you? How do you feel about the brand new crystal clear packaging of your favorite Sprite drink?

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