Stella Damascus Gets Engaged

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Popular Nollywood actress Stella Damasus was seen recently at the 2012 Mode Men of the Year Awards. The actress clad in a gorgeous black gown flashed a ring which suggests that she might be engaged.

When asked by a reporter if the ring was an engagement ring or a fashion ring, she had this to say;

“It’s a simple thing, I am refusing to talk about, my private life”. She later said “If it looks like it then it is. It does abi, then it is. For me to boldly wear this, I know what it would cause, so I am saying let them talk”

So is it for real or it is just a stylish accessory? She finally agrees that she is wearing an engagement ring. “Yes I am wearing an engagement ring, whether it is for fashion or for real nobody knows. It is left for you to decide whether it is for real or I am wearing it for fashion or I am simply looking for trouble”.

Damasus once married Jaiye Aboderin and had two kids while they were together. Unfortunately, Aboderin died mysteriously. She dated other men before she got married to Nzeribe, the wedding didn’t last six months before it got dissolved.

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