Stella Oduah has no Female Domestic staff- SEAIL


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Allegations had trailed the Senator and former minister of Aviation Stella Oduah that she had stashed N2.5bn in the account of a female domestic staff.

These allegations she came out to deny in a statement stating that the reports were false and that if she’d actually done that she would already have been arrested.

It seems that Oduah has now received even more support from a  group known as South East Association of Igbo Ladies, SEAIL.  The group has claimed that Oduah has no female domestic staff to begin with.

The group released a statement to this effect saying, “We would like to state unequivocally that this report is totally false, baseless and has no sense in it. In the first place, Senator Oduah has no female domestic staff.

“In the second place, what would be the sense in putting such money in a personal account. Is it for savings or concealment; either of which makes no sense no matter how big the person is?

“We are confident to say that the report did not by any imagination arise from EFCC because the EFCC of today we know are diligent and works with facts.

“We are convinced that the source of the report must be the handiwork of some mischief makers who have not hidden their determination to bring Senator Oduah down by every means.

“They succeeded in pushing her out of government during the last regime but failed to stop her from winning her election to the senate.

“Oduah is one of the few senators who after one year in office is still battling with pre-election matters in court.

“We are convinced that it is because they have not been able to completely uproot the distinguished senator that they reverted to their usual character assassination strategy.

“It is our wish to use this opportunity to appeal to the persecutors of Senator Oduah to let her be in the name of God after so much trauma.

“They must remember that Senator Oduah is not a new name in the Nigerian economy. It is known to all that Senator Oduah was a well-known business woman who founded and managed an outstanding successful business in the oil and gas sector before venturing into government.

“It is also well-known to every fair-minded Nigerian she lost her business as a result of her incursion into government for which reason she came out of government poorer  than she went in.

“We want to state that our only consolation in the regrettable scenario that is playing out now is that Sen Oduah’s work in government as aviation minister can not be denied even by her worse enemies. Her work at the airports shall remain the pride of the aviation industry in the next 30yrs.

“As a Senator, Oduah has continued to put up an exemplary performance.”

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