Strange Helicopter Spotted by Youths in Badagry Bush, Immediately Takes Off


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A video, on Thursday, emerged of the moment when a strange helicopter was spotted, by a number of young men, landing in the bush in the Badagry area of Lagos state.

The video was tweeted by @Truthfully83 who called on @followlasg, @jidesanwoolu, Afenifere & SW Govs, to investigate the strange helicopter, requesting to know its mission.

According to the tweet, the incident occurred on 3rd June 2021.

The 1:29-second amateur video, copyrighted ‘Wisdom Blog’ shows two young men who sighted the strange helicopter in the bush walking toward it with their mobile phones.

In the video, the men could be heard saying in Yoruba, “let’s move closer,” as they snuck up to the helicopter that just landed some meters away, to get a clear view on their mobile camera.

Another voice was heard saying, “I have captured it,” as they moved closer still.

On getting closer to the helicopter they shouted, “Back-up! Back-up! We need back-up! 2212!”

“I need more security! LA 313,” he called out, trying to read out the licensed number on the helicopter.

“We need back-up…” he shouted again, moving closer, this time running towards the helicopter as it began to take off.

See tweet below:


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