STRESS: A Potential Harm To The Body


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Stress is the body’s response to any demand. It is simply the way our body reacts to certain situations. Some stress can come as positive while some others as negative.

The way our body reacts to stress differs according to the individuals involved. Many of us can be pressured and still yield positive results but some individuals can break down when placed under the same amount of pressure.

According to Steven Hobfoll (PhD), the Judd and Marjorie Weinberg professional at Rush University Medical Centre in Chicago, ” Stress is caused by the loss or threat of loss of the personal, social and material resources that are primary to us. So threat to self esteem, threat to income, threat to employment and threat to our family or our health.”

Stress has its health implications which is significantly associated with virtually many diseases. Prof. Hobfoll said, “Stress is seldom the root cause of disease, but rather interacts with our genetics and our state of our bodies in ways that accelerate disease.”

Some implications of stress include: lack of sleep, headache, anxiety, depression, sickness and sometimes mental breakdown.

There are also some major causes of stress namely:

Environmental stress: This has to do with the environment and the stress that comes with it such as noise, crowding, family pressure and lots more

Survival stress: This instinct awakens when you are aware of potential danger. There is a burst of energy that comes with stress.

Internal stress: This is usually more in people as it has a lot to do with worrying. When you are caught up in tough situations and worry, then you give in to stress.

Fatigue: This is when you are saddled with so much work and eventually you break down. 

It is usually advisable to work and observe rest so as not to give in to stress.

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