Student Arrested After Squandering $1 Million Mistakenly Deposited In Her Account


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A 28-year-old student, Sibongile Mani of Walter Sisulu University in South Africa has been arrested after she spent $63,000 of $1.1 Million mistakenly credited to her account.

Mani was arrested by the police’s serious commercial crime unit after being compelled to turn herself in

The student was charged for theft and appeared before a magistrate court on May 29th.

Mani had initially qualified for a 1,400-rand ($110) monthly food allowance from the National Students Financial Aid Scheme, which aids underprivileged students last year.

But she got a shocker when her account was instead credited with $1.1 million in June

Instead of speaking up and returning the money, she instead went on a splurge which included expensive clothing, a smartphone and wild partying.

The scheme eventually realised their error 3 months in and the rest of the money in her account was taken. Mani was released on a warning and ordered to appear again on the 2nd of July.


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